It's a fact that positive influences in a child’s life create smarter more alert children, building self esteem, improving concentration and creating a happier motivating lifestyle. Music can be one of the most influential forms of media in a person’s life, especially a child's. At their young age, children's minds are constantly growing and are very sensitive to the world around them and the words they hear.

Keeping children entertained for hours is easy with the “Positive Fun Loving Books” and "Positive Songs for Children." Children and adults alike love listening and singing along with fun songs like "Me and Puppy," "I'm a Super Kid," and
"Little Birdy Beautiful," while parents are happy they are providing happy, positive music and books for their little ones,
with all new original songs sung by children.

Children enjoy listening to other children.

Yes they do! Children prefer listening to other children. That’s why "Positive Songs for Children" are sung by the happy voices of children. Just like the ones you care about. Positive Songs for Children teaches and promotes important life lessons of self worth, self respect,
and a positive self image. And all the songs give to children the healthy, positive, powerful message that says "I can accomplish anything. I am special because I am me!"

Positive songs make parents happy!

Lynn Bree Oliver, the author of Positive Songs for Children believes:

"For parents, good music for children is essential, and the words to that music are the most important part. Children are very receptive and sensitive to the world around them. That's something to be taken into great consideration when buying music or other forms of media for them. Not only is the music fun, but each song promotes children’s self esteem, and that’s a good thing. By providing positive songs, adults help to encourage a happier more positive lifestyle."

Played throughout the world! Loved by parents, Grandparents, teachers, schools, day care centers, churches and hospitals throughout the United States, Great Britain, and Japan!


"Live life freely"

"Live life to the fullest"